The way we work is changing.

But the things we need to be happy and productive remain the same.

Nearly two years of working from home prove something you may have suspected for a while – that you can be a successful professional without a daily commute to your 9 to 5.

There is so much to love about choosing where – and even when – you work. It means more time for friends and family, more time for you and more time for the things that count.

All that from spending more of your working week close to home. In a neighbourhood you love.

But working from home doesn’t work for everyone. Emotional wellbeing and professional prospects can suffer. From endless distractions to saying ‘goodbye’ to work-life balance.

Without an accessible, professional alternative to the office, people are left behind.

You could call us ‘coworking’ but we prefer ‘neighbourhood workspace’.

Coworking, after all, has been around for a while. Think large-scale corporate spaces with table tennis – and a price tag to match.

It’s time for a different kind of hot desking. Excellent but affordable. One built on human values; accessible, adaptable and designed to put the many different needs of individuals – and teams – first.

Enter the neighbourhood workspace. Professional but never corporate. Beautiful but not exclusive. A small-scale, friendly place that, like a coffee shop or a library, you can just drop-in to – but designed expressly for work.

Above all (the name is a giveaway) a workspace in your neighbourhood and for the neighbourhood.

A new kind of shared space for the twenty-first century highstreet. A place where you can get to know your neighbours and redistribute your time, energy and money where it really counts.

It’s been nearly two years now since ARC Club opened its first neighbourhood workspace in Hackney, where it rapidly became a sanctuary for local people unable to work productively from home during lockdown.

We were far from the first people to offer coworking in East London. But from the start, our loyal members, the wider local community and the press – from the Hackney Gazette to the Financial Times – recognised ARC Club was doing something different. And it wasn’t in upmarket London Fields – let alone famous Shoreditch. It was right where our members live. In Homerton.

ARC Club Camberwell Green, our second club and first workspace in South London, opened its doors to the ‘new normal’ in January 2022 – and overwhelming interest from local professionals across a wide range of industries who had no intention of going back to the office full-time.

At ARC Club, we are committed to opening as many neighbourhood workspaces as possible. In London and across the UK.

Anywhere, in short, where there is someone ready for a new way of working life that isn’t just working from your kitchen table.

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